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History Hunts are now available online through this Web App. To complete a History Hunt online, simply subscribe to one of the Hunts below. You will then be able to access that Hunt for 30 DAYS or until you subscribe to a different Hunt. Your treasure reward will only be valid on the day you complete the History Hunt. 


Just circle and cross (trans & tiny)
  • Select to access the ALL History Hunts for 1 YEAR!
    Select to access the Bath History Hunt!
    Select to access the Salisbury History Hunt!

    Due to recent changes, if you want to complete this Hunt you will have to book and pay for a visit to Salisbury Cathedral via their website (roughly 1 hour after you plan to begin the Hunt) or pay their new entry fee on the door. A new version of the Salisbury Hunt will be available soon that will not require access to the Cathedral.

    Select to access the Winchester History Hunt!
    Select to access the York History Hunt!